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Mac and Linux Users:

You can simply run the script ./ to setup everything.

Windows users

Run the following in Anaconda prompt

conda env create -f SocialMediaIE/environment.yml 
conda activate SocialMediaIE
pip install -e SocialMediaIE/

Run the following in git bash

wget ${DOWNLOAD_PATH} -O ic2s2_data.tar.gz
cd SocialMediaIE/ && tar -xzf ../ic2s2_data.tar.gz 

Test if everything works


Run the following in Anaconda


Running the web-server on both Mac/Linux/Windows

If you want to run the webserver install the following:

pip install python-dotenv

Run tagging webserver

cd SocialMediaIE/webapp
flask run --without-threads --no-reload

Run classification model

cd SocialMediaIE/webapp_classification
flask run --without-threads --no-reload